Yesterday we released the first part of the Muxlim Founder and CEO, Mohamed El-Fatatry interview. In the interview, El-Fatatry talks about the creation of their business and how they went on to grow it. In the second part of the interview El-Fatatry explains how they realised a completely new business area after discussions with Coca-Cola.

The second part of the interview focuses on how Muxlim discovered the new business area and what kinds of products they created to answer the demand in that market. Even though they are broadening their business, still plays a big part in all this.

Not only did El-Fatatry scramble his team behind the new business in a relatively short time, he did it with a very analytical view on things. In the video he explains how they studied WPP acquisitions over the years, making sure he’s building something valuable for potential acquirers as well.

In building up the business with new focus, El-Fatatry also goes to explain what the company has planned for this year as well as sharing some advice for entrepreneurs to succeed. It certainly seems we’ll be hearing a lot more of Muxlim this year as they continue to build their business into the US.

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