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Interview With Jani Penttinen Of Xiha And PremiumFanPage

PremiumFanPageWe reviewed PremiumFanPage earlier and found the service to be pretty useful, given the fact how the Internet transforms our approach from local to global. The problem, as already mentioned is approaching the global audience in a language they speak in. It limits understanding what a particular consumer requires or how exactly you should deliver your world changing idea in order to have it achieve its target. We did a review ourselves and thought having a quick chat with Jani Penttinen, the CEO and Co Founder of Xiha Life, the first multilingual social network as well the founder and CEO of PremiumFanPage.

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Jani is focused at providing solutions for anything where language is a barrier. So it’s not just small or large business, Jani’s solutions are for the social community as well that swarms the Xiha Platform. Following is a short interview on Jani talking about the importance Multilingual Platforms/solutions

ArcticStartup: How do you see this [PremiumFanPage] helping companies?

Jani Penttinen: Firstly, it gives you an instant access to global markets. Most companies are simply not able to create social media streams or websites in multiple languages, let alone connect with customers. PremiumFanPage lets you do just that – handle all of the languages directly.

ArcticStartup: Agree – language puts a great barrier on global expansion/communication, especially as markets shift from one region to the other. How does PFP address the issue?

Jani Penttinen: Indeed it does, and this becomes even a bigger issue as the markets shift from US and Western Europe to Asia.  For example iPhone game developers really need multilingual social media presence. The marketing channels are very limited on mobile phones, so most success stories start from a powerful social media campaign If you can do that in 20 or 40 languages instead of just English… it helps a lot!

ArcticStartup: What about automation in translation – correct me if I am wrong but does PFP require more automation. How does that happen in the long run?

Jani Penttinen: We don’t need more automation, perhaps you misunderstood what I meant. We’ve created a hybrid solution where you have machine translation (via Google translate) and professional translation (via human translators) available. The whole system is automated such that the customer can choose where to use humans, and where to use machine and it all happens seamlessly. You might want your blog translated by human translators to be sure your message gets translated perfectly

ArcticStartup: Do firms utilize this Premium Fan Page [PFP]to get their own translators working or is this fully taken care of by PFP?

Jani Penttinen: It is a full service provided by PFP. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible to use, so that generally the customers would not need to do any extra work that they are not already doing. Finding translators, posting jobs, monitoring quality, that’s a lot of work.

Therefore we take care of all of that leaving the customers, so that the customer is only required to select the language they need their message to be published in. It’s only a matter of hours before the entire text is published in the desired language.

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