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SpotifyHenrik Torstensson has posted a great blog post regarding a very thorough interview with Spotify’s Daniel Ek. The interview is well over one hour long and split into eight, approximately 10 minute-videos. The interview itself was done in one of the GlassHouse London events around music. The interview is done by Virginia Eastman of BBC Click.

There is a lot of insight into the Spotify business in the videos as well. Some insights include that less tha 10% of Spotify users pay for premium membership, Spotify is aiming to launch in the US late 2009 or early 2010, Spotify’s secret to success is a great product and getting the music licenses, the goal of the company; to be a platform between the artist and the fan. Have a look at the videos for more insight – these are a great catch for everyone who is hoping to understand more of the business thinking behind Spotify.

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