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Intern Store: Find An Intern The App Store Style

Intern StoreProbably the biggest issue with fresh graduates is encountered when they need to market themselves appropriately for jobs, even for internships. Especially when it comes to the digital space, where recruiters are more interested in practical work rather than the traditional resume. Students at Hyper Island, a Sweden based organisation focusing on better education in areas all things “digital” have created Intern Store, a method to market themselves in an efficient way for companies to recruit them.

Intern Store features all upcoming and existing talent at its App Store like marketplace and has numerous coders, project managers, developers to give you feedback on your projects. Companies can even recruit the same as per their requirements and make them a part of their team. The goal is to bring experts or qualified people a click away from recruiters and this is done by making Intern Store mobile.

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What’s better for you? I recall a recruiter worried about filtering out the right candidate out of the 900 or so resume’s that he had received. Quite a tiring task and worse still, you don’t really find reading resume’s interesting at this time. With Intern Store you can readily browse through the existing categories and find the right Intern for the job. It is advantageous for both the recruiters and the Interns or experts alike as it saves them time marketing themselves or sieving the perfect person for the job.

The video below summarizes the entire concept behind Intern Store pretty well:

So in essence, the recruiting site resembles that of Apple’s. Recruiters can browser through app-like pages and personal portfolios by the interns that they choose to look closely at. Before digging in, they can filter people based on their skill set, be it project managers, programmers, copyrighters or something else. While the current listing of people is limited to Hyper Island interns, it’s a nice way to break free from the more traditional employment sites which don’t really motivate you to go through all the people with their UI.

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