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Monday, June 27, 2022

Instagram Makes its way to Windows Phone

By this time I don’t know if Windows Phone users ever thought it would happen, but Instagram has finally released its app in the Windows Phone marketplace. Just to make you still feel like you’re on the Windows Phone platform, Instagram is still working on video support, however an official app is better than nothing.

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One app seems so trivial to make or break a phone, but in my recent experience it did affect my purchase decision. My old iPhone had too much fun kayaking and choked in the briny deep (RIP), and more than missing the ability to call people, I really missed having a camera in my pocket. Surveying the handset landscape I had my eyes on the Nokia 1020, whose monstrous camera is basically designed for fauxtographers like myself. But what’s pictures if you have no one to share them with? Instagram has grown up to be more than just silly filters; I use it to check up on what my friends around the world are up to since few “a day in the life” pictures make it on Facebook, which is reserved for baby pictures and wedding photos. So Finland, if I killed Nokia by buying another iPhone for a stupid camera filter app, please accept my apologies.

With such high Windows Phone penetration in Finland and the Nordics, I imagine some new Instagram users will need some accounts to follow. This evening before hearing the news I rebooted the ArcticStartup Instagram account, and will be certain to keep it filled with heavily filtered pics of Nordic and Baltic startup life without it filing up your feed. And personally I shoot under the same as my twitter handle regandersong, where I always (sometimes) keep my followers doubletapping.

The app can be found in the Windows Phone Marketplace here.

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