Due to the current Coronavirus crisis, supply chains everywhere in the world are being disrupted, and the logistics sector is dealing with unprecedented challenges. Cargo Stream – a logistics management system established in Lithuania, is proposing a solution for taking care of today’s problems. The innovative logistics platform allows to optimize logistics processes and utilizes the potential of communication between the carriers, recipients and logistics companies.

“The platform was launched a few months ago and it has already been applied in several different export destinations, as well as in a variety of sectors. The main pillars of the Cargo Stream platform’s DNA are sustainability, innovation and efficiency in the transport sector. It is responsible for ensuring smooth dialogue between logistics companies and carriers and liberates them from communication difficulties throughout various channels, which, in the majority of cases, becomes the main reason of failures and losses. At the moment, a massive number of businesses are reorganizing their strategies and trying to overcome this unprecedented crisis. Our solution enables businesses to reduce stress levels at least in one area of activity – logistics,” states Skirmantas Rimkus, the managing director of Cargo Stream. According to him, Cargo Stream enables companies to manage logistics documentation and data more precisely, and shifts information sharing into a clear digital space – all these management solutions ensure quicker and more efficient cargo movement and offer the ability to avoid unnecessary human contacts and mistakes. The team at Cargo Stream unites highly skilled logistics, IT specialists and experts from a variety of different areas, who have accumulated vast experience in creating successful technological solutions. At the end of 2019, Cargo Stream received investments from the NLA.vc (Next Logistics Accelerator), a business accelerator fund in Hamburg, Germany, which invests in technological logistics companies and start-ups. According to the investors, the value of Cargo Stream currently reaches approximately 2.5 million euro. The partners from Germany will be helping to actively develop the new platform in Lithuania and other countries. It is calculated that currently, approximately 50% of trucks in Europe do not make use of their load potential, which then results in billions of financial losses. Cargo Stream is dedicated to helping companies solve this issue. The Cargo Stream system is based on the SaaS (Software as a service) business model. The platform enables efficient management of logistics processes and solves communication issues between all participants of the logistics supply chain. Also, it allows to gett rid of paper documents, as well as other outdated and inefficient communication forms (such as email and other messaging apps), which are still being widely used in the logistics sector. The platform was created to ensure quick and easy communication among transport managers, expeditors, truck drivers and warehouse workers. Cargo stream currently is the only technology platform in Eastern Europe, which allows real-time cargo movement monitoring throughout the entire supply chain. In order to optimize the work of logistics specialists, the Cargo Stream platform links a variety of everyday tools, ensuring the transparency and efficiency of the transactions. Also, there are other important partner integrations (factoring, telematics, cargo insurance, transport exchange market and e-CMR). Depending on the case, Cargo stream can create personalized solutions and link several important tools into a personalized platform, in order to increase efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

Learn more: www.cargostream.co

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