Innovation or Death: Reverse Pitching On Oct 18

Innovation or death. That is basically the future of any company, be it a young startup or a large and well-established corporation. We want to help you avoid that fate or make you the disruptor by mixing together large corporations with startups in a Reverse Pitching event, taking place on the 18th of October in Helsinki.

In every industry, you need to be ready for disruption or you will end-up where landline telephones and CD-players are hiding. For large corporations it means they have to figure out how they can use startups to grow, innovate and disrupt their businesses. For startups, it often means working with, partnering or disrupting industries of large corporations.

To do both, you get a chance to meet three corporations and a whole city at the Reverse Pitching event. Aktia, Helen, Tieto and the City of Lohja will be on stage in search of new partners, innovations, acquisitions and more. They are the ones who know that in order to keep up with the market – they need to keep a close eye on what startups are up to.

The banking industry is changing rapidly and very soon, all banks will have to make customer data open and accessible through an European Commission directive – PSD 2.  Aktia Bank wants to use this as an opportunity to help customers make better financial decisions, for that – they are seeking your input. What would your bank of the future to look like, whether you are a private or a corporate customer? Are you the next Transferwise,, Botkeeper or Arex? Helping banking customers to manage their financial services throughout their life-cycle? Or maybe you just want to tell Aktia in which direction banking should go in general? Meet them at the event.

When you arrive at the event, we will also talk quite a bit about how an energy company is transforming. Helen, the energy company, will be looking for startups to invest into, buy and co-operate with. Mainly those that are active in energy-related products and services or those tackling smart energy usage whether that is at home or for business purposes. Last time our event was fully booked and we had to put screens outside the auditorium, so act fast and register here.

Now that we covered energy and banking, why not take on a whole city? The City of Lohja wants to see if there are innovative companies or individuals in Helsinki that can help them with their vision. Traditionally Lohja had strong industries, for example in wood and plastic, but they did not yet focus on new technologies or innovations. Today, the city is evolving and wants to attract startups. They will, therefore, be invited to Lohja to visit the corporate businesses already established in Lohja, so reverse pitching is the beginning of a collaboration between the city and the startups. Thus it is not just about the city but also all the corporations already there!

To keep us all performing at our best, we also need to take care of our well-being. This is where Tieto Data-Driven Businesses comes in. On the 18th, they will have very exciting news to announce, which will transform the whole concept of incubators and you have the chance to be one of the first ones to join. That means access to customers, clients, investments and much more. So if you care about well-being and have ideas to create value from data, be it the support of social services, families, preventative care or welfare/healthcare in general – this will be your chance to shine.

This edition of Reverse Pitching will set a new standard, as we will tackle so many themes that are important to humanity but also the Finnish startup scene. If you are not directly involved in these industries but would love to hear the new trends or are thinking about working in this space in the future, you are also very welcome to join the event. As with any ArcticStartup related event – we aim for actionable results that lead to real deals. So expect plenty of time dedicated to networking and follow-ups. We hope to hear success stories coming out of this gathering. See you on the 18th! Register here.