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Infogr.am Starts Monetizing Their 300k Users With Pro Features

Whether you want to create an exciting infographic depicting beer prices in Europe, your overview of the Formula 1 season or on a more serious note your Nordic/Baltic Investment Survey – look no further than Infogr.am, as long as you have the data, that is.

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Infogr.am went through the Startup Sauna accelerator in 2012 and has since been growing at a very impressive rate. As of today, they have created more than 700 000 Infographics and add more than 100 000 every month. They also have over 300 000 users at Infogr.am.

While growing, they were also winning startup awards left and right but it is tough to monetize just from awards. This is the big news today, Infogr.am launches version 1.0 and announces Pro features.

Going for monetization is always tricky and startups need to be super careful to select the right features at the right price for the right target market as it can make or break the company. 

We got in touch for a lengthy interview with founder and CEO Uldis Leiterts to find out more about Infogr.am’s plans. Leiterts told us that they are going to have two major Pro features: downloadable infographics and privacy controls.

Basically for 18 USD/month, you will have the option of saving all of your infographics as PDF or PNG. They are not a simple image export though, Infogr.am will make sure to recreate the infographic so that it will be offline and print ready. In addition to that, you will also be able to control exactly who sees your creations through privacy tools such as private links and password protection. As a launch promotion, everybody who signs-up until the 30th of April will get a complementary Pro version until 1st of June (No credit cards or anything else needed).

Here is the full interview with Uldis Leiterts:
ArcticStartup: Why did you choose privacy and downloads as the two main features for the pro version of Infogr.am?

Uldis Leiterts: First, we’re doing our best to listen to our users. Those have been so far the most needed features according to our support mail. We’re now getting some 50 mails a day asking for download/print/privacy. We think our users certainly could do creative stuff if they had those features.

ArcticStartup: What about the target market? Who do you think will be the main users of the PRO features?

Uldis Leiterts: We see two or three main user groups that would mainly benefit. First – the professionals: sales, PR, small businesses. With downloadable infograms it’s easy to make a data rich presentation in Keynote or Powerpoint. Then – students, teachers, people around education. We’ve seen amazing adoption of infogr.am in education. Third would be media. Sometimes you want to create a chart and show it to your colleagues before it’s published, so you can share it privately. And when it’s time – it goes live.

ArcticStartup: Now that you are starting to generate some revenue, are you going to be looking for funding to fuel expansion and growth?

Uldis Leiterts: As Peter Vesterbacka used to say – you’re always fundraising. We’re open to meaningful synergies if they come our way. And partners that can help us expand faster. It’s a matter of knowledge. Not money.

ArcticStartup: What are your expectations from Infogr.am? Are you going for a 1 Billion valuation and an IPO?

Uldis Leiterts: We’re not that cheap


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