Infogram fleshes out product with team tools

    Infogram is squarely in the B2B space with their interactive infographic tool used by media houses and nonprofits like The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, Amnesty International, and others. But today they announced a new feature that starts looking more like a B2B product and less of a tool for a lonely blogger – Infogram for teams.

    The tool is only available for their Pro and White Label plans, but the general idea is that they give users the access to shared themes and a shared history of created infographics and visualization, making cooperation and creation more productive.

    “The idea for was born in a newsroom, and newsrooms are nothing without team environments,” says co-founder and CEO Uldis Leiterts. “And we’re seeing’s infographics being created by teams in all kinds of organizations – media, business corporations, NGOs and education. We want to serve large organizations better, and For Teams is a big step in this direction.”

    This past spring Infogram raised €1.34 million in funding and more recently has hired Mikko Jarvenpaa as COO.

    Today over 1 million infographics have been created through their platform,