ArcticStartup Grows To One Million Users and Previews Video Infographic Tool

Arguably, is one of the hottest Baltic startups right now, winning awards left and right. However awards are not enough – You have to have traction to back it all up. definitely has that too.

When they started monetizing through their pro subscription model in April this year, they had 300 000 users. Today, they boast an impressive one million users, more than 1.5 million infographics and 7 million uniques viewing their infograms monthly. That is 233% increase in just 7 months or about 33% month-to-month growth.

But, there is competition out there, and although Infogram managed to pull a joke or two on them, it is still fierce and you have to stay on top of the game to win it. So yesterday, the company announced a Video Infographic creator, which is set to launch early next year.

“We’re here to disrupt data visualization market. Making video infograhics was hard and expensive, now it’s free. We want to enable everyone to present their data beautifully” – says Uldis Leiterts, the CEO of Infogram.

This is a whole new game, and I for one, am looking forward to trying it out. In fact, I immediately think if I can use their video platform to make other things too. For instance startup explainer videos, or just funny stat videos, depending on the flexibility – the possibilities are potentially limitless.

It is also likely to become an additional revenue stream for the company, which boasted that they broke even 28 days after launching the pro package and is currently well on their way to hit 20 employees by early 2014. Let’s wait and see, but Infogram does not stop to impress with their design skills.

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