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Influencer/Star Alicia Grimes, As the Founder & CEO of her newly started Grimes Magazine. She found success while launching her magazine during the coronavirus pandemic, as she started her company in March of 2020. She started a American monthly digital & print magazine that is open to all people, all styles of music, news film, tv, athletes, actors, businesses, models, celebrities, ect. This incredible business woman did it with literally no money, giving her magazine away for free, as she saw new & established companies fold. She really found her niche, by getting behind her brand and using every opportunity out there to get her magazine noticed,working hard each day to achieve success by publishing 12 magazines to date. Investing every penny she had on advertising and marketing, bringing in over 14 million impressions, receiving over 800k clicks from her magazine ads, and her story fleets by twitter she gets over 1k likes each day everytime that she drops a ad, also her ad is viewed by over 75k people on each post and also she advertises her magazine to over 500k of her Twitter followers. Her magazine began to get noticed as her readership went to over 24k readers and over 200k page views a month on her website. She rakes in over 20k DM’s so far from her fans and music artist, receiving from 2k-4k mentions on her Twitter page a month having over 4k of artists in her gmail. Shortly after her website had become one of the top performing sites on Doors began opening up for her as she featured such superstars on her cover as Atlantic Records Grammy Award Winning Multi Platinum Artist Kelly Clarkson, Atlantic Records Platinum Artist Lil Skies, Atlantic Records Grammy Award winning Rap Star Gucci Mane, Atlantic Records Grammy Award winning artist Haley Williams, Netflix’s Last Chance U Star Coach Jason Brown, World Class Olympic Track in field star Gold Medalist Will London 3. 2x Grammy Nominated The Lumineers, American Idol Top 4 Finalist Jamess Durbin, That had opened up many doors for her to be able to work with such companies as Atlantic Records, RCA Records, PepsiCO, Walmart, ESPN, GameStop, WNBA, Garrett Popcorn, Spotify, Elite Sports Marketing,AMW Group and dozens of PR Companies.

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