IndoorAtlas Signs Deal With Yahoo! JAPAN

    Finnish indoor positioning firm IndoorAtlas partners with Yahoo! JAPAN to deliver positioning services within venues across Japan.

    The partnership will lay the foundation for enriching Yahoo! JAPAN’s mapping solutions such as expanding searching possibilities within buildings – and will enable the development of advertising services in the future. As Japan ranks number four in smartphone penetration worldwide, it is a hot market for the deployment of indoor location-based services.

    “With IndoorAtlas, we were excited to discover an infrastructure-free solution that does not rely heavily on beacons,” says Gen Miyazawa, the president of media company at Yahoo! JAPAN.

    IndoorAtlas, founded in 2012, utilizes the compass sensor in smartphones to detect anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field to pinpoint a location indoors with their patented solution.

    With sub-two meters positioning accuracy – and a platform that supports both Android and iOS – the customers can create venues, collect data and build indoor location-based services, such as proximity advertising, search and way-finding, within their application.

    “The agreement extends IndoorAtlas’ global leadership in indoor positioning and reflects the demand we are seeing for location-based services,” adds Janne Haverinen, the CEO of IndoorAtlas.