Voddler, the Swedish movie startup that is in many ways referred to as the “Spotify for movies”, has announced today that it has added social features to its service. We recently wrote about Voddler getting more powder on board with its 40 million Swedish Kronor investment, where one of the biggest investors was the Finnish communications company Elisa. With the new features, Voddler is looking to attract of course more suggestions of movies and thus usage of their service. Regardless of this, I think this is an extremely natural direction to move into.

The social features in this release are relatively basic and expected. First of all, you’re able to build a circle of friends around you that you follow. You follow the activities of these people, what they watch and how they rate movies, tv-series and documentaries.

You’re able to see the activities of these people in a stream, similar to that of the Facebook activity stream, for example.

The Voddler stream of your friends.

Of course, you’re able to share these activities, ratings and reviews, to Twitter and Facebook as well. One of the key advantages of sharing activities to social media sites is naturally the extra visibility you get in the form of your users doing the marketing for you.

I tested Voddler after a long while on my Mac Mini just now and the experience was a lot more coherent than the first time round. However, I presume they’re still going through some scaling issues as they have a queue to the service (you don’t get to register immediately). I really do hope they come across these difficulties, as well as increasing the catalogue size dramatically.

Why? It’s currently raining and I thought of spending the evening with a good movie. There’s no way I’ll go and rent a physical copy of a movie in this weather.