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I had a brief chat this morning with Kai Lemmetty, one of the co-founders of Floobs, a Finnish startup now gone bankrupt. He told me that he has moved on from Floobs to a new startup where he’s helping the team with some new product innovations and bringing in new perspectives to running their business. He’s joined Ideakone, the creators of Kotisivukone (loosely translated as Homepagemachine) and the international version of it, Moogo.

Kai Lemmetty joined the team to help them capitalise on their new development issues. He has a lot of knowledge from the mobile domain so it’s no surprise that Ideakone is putting in a lot of effort to bring more value to their customers in the form of mobile enabled sites. They haven’t disclosed anything specific yet, but there are surely plans to extend the current offering of their web services to the growing mobile space and make the websites in the future more ready for the mobile devices.

Another interesting fact Lemmetty clarified with regards to Ideakone is their obsession with great customer support as well as marketing and sales. They have in total 23 people working there with only 3 developers and the rest of the team in the above mentioned positions. Talk about dedication to happy customers. Furthermore, a proof a great concept is the fact that their turnover in 2009 was about 1.3 million euros with over 200 000 websites being created in over 120 countries. Very nice figures for a company that has been around for only 5 years.

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