Icelandic music app Mussila seeks to raise 1.2 mln euros

Icelandic music app maker Mussila aims to raise up to 1.2 million euros through a funding campaign on Funderbeam to expand the company’s product range and scale the app across the world.

The Mussila Music app has already reached a global dimension having been translated to 32 languages. In China it is appearing on an educational platform called DonDonLing, published by one of the world´s largest video games companies, Netease. The app is downloaded by over 20,000 users per month, quadrupling its subscriber base in 2020 while demonstrating a sevenfold growth in revenues, it said.

The company has developed Mussila Music School, a music learning solution for children aged 5 to 11 that applies research-based music education methodology to gamified adventures. The solution overcomes traditional and non-theory “learning by doing” methods by including music theory content from an early age while tackling the lack of motivation to apply the gaming method to theory teaching.

“As Mussila’s application enables anybody to learn music from anywhere in the world, we accelerate the expansion of an already fantastic product. The self-learning movement has been going on over a decade, and we finally see the schools starting to catch on to this trend,” said Bala Kamallakharan, the founder of Iceland Venture Studio.