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CCPLibrary House awarded the Icelandic gaming company CCP as one of the hottest mediatech companies most likely to change the media technology industry in the world. I decided to dig a little deeper into the company to see what they are up to. In short CCP is the developer and father of the MMORPG Eve Online.

Eve Online is a relatively old, but still some what popular, massive-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game (or MMORPG). According to Compete.com, CCP gathers just under 100k unique visitors a month. You need a client to play the game and it costs 19,95€ a for a 30 day period. Eve Online has over 200 000 subscribers, and with some quick calculations that makes at least 4M € a month, if all the subscribers are paying members.

CCP is a relatively large Icelandic company that merged back in 2006 with White Wolf Publishing Inc to create the largest virtual gaming universe, at least this was the case back in 2006 when World of Warcraft wasn’t quite as popular. White Wolf Publiching Inc was a popular published of offline role playing games and one of the reasons for the merger was to combine these talents into synergies that would yield better results both offline and online.

Furthermore the company has offices in UK, Iceland, US and a representative office in China. They also have more than 40 jobs open so they definitely see growth in this sector despite the downturn (according to Fox Business, they had more than 300 employees back in June).

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