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TicBits is a Finland based iOS developer that has released the successful iAssociate 2 brain game. You may have not heard of it, but it’s become very successful over on the other side of the pond. ABC has featured the game in their Good Morning America show as a brain sharpening game last summer.

The company was founded in April 2010 and the same month their iAssociate 2 game was launched for the iOS devices. iAssociate 2 is the successor of iAssociate 1 which was developed by Fredrik Wahrman, the co-founder and cousin to Niklas Wahrman, the other co-founder.

iAssociate is an interesting product. It’s extremely simple, so it’s very easy to learn. The game works around building associations between words in the form of a mindmap. The game allows for around 10h of free game play with add-on levels purchased for premium.

Currently, there are about half a million of people that have played the game. Niklas Wahrman stated that they have built a steady group of die hard fans that keep purchasing all the new levels they put out fueling their steady growth and revenue stream.

TicBits has also released their new Facebook app, which they hope to attract new crowds around the game. The Facebook game follows the original game logic, except that it works in your browser.

TicBits has also secured ELY funding for the coming 12 months, but according to Niklas Wahrman, this might go unsued as the company is already profitable and things are looking “really good for the future”, according to him.

The Nordics and perhaps Finland especially, has built a strong culture of gaming companies. It’s great to see some of this success being taken to the new platforms as well and make it big there.

A screenshot of the game board in the iAssociate Facebook game.

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