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Huikea is a Finnish iOS development startup that is developing a multiplayer game for the Apple iPad. The company co-founder Teemu Kurppa is one of the early employees of Jaiku and he co-founded the company together with Pekka Uronen back in 2009. They’ve now released some videos of the game as well as screenshots. A recent comment in Facebook revealed that the game is just around the corner and will be released soon.

The game is played as a board game by two players. According to a recent screenshot (below), there are two sides in the game; the Monkidroids and Dolphos. With the recent success of Grey Area’s Shadow Cities in Finland, there is growing sensation of a new wave of gaming.

Below is a short 30 second video of the game where Teemu Kurppa, the co-founder of Huikea, is playing and losing against his opponent. It looks very interesting and attractive, to say the least.

The game is called Dust Up Uranus, which Huikea admits on their website that it’s a working title. Some have said that there are some tens of thousands of iPads in the Nordics, even though the device itself only started selling in Finland last week. With such an adoption by the public, the iOS will become a very attractive platform for a whole new genre of games.

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