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Out of the blue, Facebook has announced that they have released a completely new iPad app (which actually is an iPhone app that works on the iPad as well). The iPad app enables games to be played in full screen and you guessed it, in HTML5. HTML5 allows the game play to continue across devices in a seamless fashion as users don’t need to install any specific apps. More concretely, you can play a game in the office, continue on your mobile as you walk towards the bus and take out your iPad and continue where you left off. At least in theory.

What this means is that all those HTML5 game companies now have a straightforward platform to share their apps on. Immediately as I saw the update from Facebook last night, Wooga approached me with an e-mail about them releasing a HTML5 game on Facebook – Magic Land Island. Wooga’s Jens Begemann, Founder and CEO, was at Arctic15 a few weeks ago to share his story on building the company. Not only is the game available through the iPhone and iPad apps – it’s also available through the Facebook mobile site.

Having said that, Facebook has also updated their mobile site – m.facebook.com. I checked it and it renders beautifully on the iPhone and iPad. My guess is that mobile usage of Facebook will surge with these updates. It spells boom times for HTML5 game companies.

Companies who’ve began developing platforms and apps for HTML5 have most likely seen this move well in advance by Facebook. I’m sure many others will follow shortly.

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