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How we grew our LinkedIn audience 788%, organically

Latest ArcticStartup post on LinkedIn has been seen by 2,970 people and it has had 72 reactions at the moment of writing this. In early 2021 the numbers were often 10-fold smaller.

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What happened?

When our CEO Jan told me that logically Arctic’s main social media channel should be LinkedIn I checked the numbers and saw there was lot to do — our audience was bigger on Facebook and also on Twitter.

At the same time, as we are building events and media business in B2B space the focus on LinkedIn was obvious.

To fix the situation I contacted old friend Indrek Põldvee who I met when he was building “Sorry as a Service” startup and who helped me with launching CoFounder podcasts. Lately, he has built up B2BGrowth a strong LinkedIn marketing agency in the region.

The results speak for themselves.

How did we do it with B2BGrowth? There were a few big changes:
1.) the content creation is tailored for LinkedIn. It’s deeper, there are selected links and tags, etc
2.) the team is involved in the discussion over the postings. LinkedIn is team sports and as they say: alone you can go fast, but together we go far!

When I am asking the man behind the success he shares some key principles.

“One of the most important things is good content. Arctic is very good in that perspective.”

Indrek Põldvee, B2BGrowth.eu

“Secondly, most of the team members are active LinkedIn users, they bring new people from their personal profiles and are otherwise active. This also helps the spread of company’s posts,” Põldvee said.

“The company profile is beautiful and properly optimized for LinkedIn. There are a few more steps to know how the LinkedIn algorithm works, for which it is already worth hiring us for 🙂.”

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