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I watched a terrific TEDx video from Edmonton where entrepreneur Cameron Herold shares his advice to parents around the world for raising your kids with entrepreneurial thinking. He himself did not do too well in school and was left questioning at a very young age; “why are our kids raised in this manner?”.

Cameron Herold has very pragmatic advice for parents and other viewers alike. For example, instead of giving children weekly allowances, which in his opinion teaches the kids that incoming money is taken for granted, he tells his kids to go around the house and look for things that need improving. Once the kids notice something that can be done better, they come back to their father and start negotiating on the price for that job. This way they’ll always have to realise the opportunities, defend their point of view why it needs improvement and create the setting for a small project. Fantastic!

The video is about 20 minutes in length and highly recommended. Get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and take 20 minutes from your afternoon to watch this video – it’s well worth it.

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