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How To Design a Profitable Landing Page

If you promote your business online, you’re probably familiar with a Landing Page (LP) concept, which is a one-page website, designed to provide a clear message to the audience.

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This is a guest post by Brian Jens.

In contrast to the common website that has many other sections on web-pages (Contacts, About Company, product pages, etc.), Landing holds the attention of visitors on one message and triggers the desire to perform a certain action. The purpose of the target action depends on your needs. As a rule, Landing is used to collect the contact information of potential customers, registering and redirecting to the product page or to the homepage.

Of course, to create a good LP you have to try your best, respecting the existing rules and laws. We want to share you a personal experience of how to design a profitable Landing in the most effective way.

A Single Purpose of a Landing

As we said above, the key point of any LP is that is should bring the only one idea to the customers. Landing should have a specific goal and to be overloaded with numerous appeals and offers.

The Leading Role of a Title

We mean no just the headline text, which should clearly inform the visitor that he had come to the right place, convey the primary benefit of working with you and highlight your advantages over competitors, but also a visual component since it also depends on whether a visitor will become your customer.

Great Explanatory Subtitle Under the Header

It’s quite difficult to convey the described above by means of a title only, so you should also place an explanatory subtitle or even a couple of paragraphs of text.

Highlight Your Benefits

As a rule, Landing Page visitors are already interested in your product or service, so your task is to convince them to order from your store, not just to make the order at all.

Communicate with them in terms of benefits. Explain the advantages people will get by using your product. Be sure to highlight the visual benefits.

Use Bulleted Lists

Bulleted lists are much easier to read. People are accustomed to the benefits of cooperation with the company presented as a list. Therefore, always pay attention to it. It’s the case when there’s no need to deviate from the common practice. Bulleted lists can be made with a brief explanation or even icons.

Find a Balance between the Text and the Visual Component

Sometimes it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. In the case of Landing, it is important both to see and hear. The task of designers and copywriters just is to understand the way of marketers’ thinking and keep the balance.

The visual component shouldn’t be created at the expense of the text. In its turn, the text should not overload visitors with unnecessary information.

Signs of Life

Reviews from public figures, ordinary customers or experts (but only public experts who’re known to your potential customers) are extremely important to build a reputation. This is a very important point. People want to know that someone entrusted you and benefited from it. Therefore, feedback is very important. You should pay close attention to reviews representations on the LP.

Call to Action

Don’t forget that the page was created for leads! CTA is required in the upper part of the promo and at the end of the page. Sometimes it is necessary even in the middle. Phone or button? Here are all individually and depends on the industry. Try to combine both options.

An Application Form without any Extra Fields

Visitors do not like long application forms, so leave in it only the fields you need to start working.

Use Real Photos

If you can choose, it is always better to prefer the real images. Despite stock photos may look more professional and better fit in design, today people immediately recognize whether the image in front is stock or real customer’s photo.

Create Landing Page for One Target Group Only

You have to decide on who is your primary audience (private customers or wholesale customers) and sharpen the page under their interests and needs. You can’t make the LP that satisfies everyone.

Of course, you will have different customers. But you should define the audience you give the priority.

Don’t Flood With Fonts

The golden rule of design is use two, maximum three fonts. We understand that you want to try everything, but do not do it. Choose two fonts that are best suited to the style of your webpage.

Check Whether the Text is Easy to Read

If you feel that the text is hard to read – increase it in size, make a contrast, change the font in the end, but do not force readers to strain their eyes. We advise to carefully check the readability of the text before the page is published. A good way to avoid failure is to give a link to your friends and ask them whether the Landing Page is easy to read.

Use Anchor Links

Pages with long scroll are still in vogue, and they are still uncomfortable to read without anchor links. Don’t confuse your visitors – use anchors.

Duplicate the Landing

A copy of the LP is your insurance against various contingencies and opportunity for creative experimentation. You can create a duplicate of the Landing, and then slightly change the background, text, images and see which one is more effective.

Fix the Header

Fixed header is another must-have option for scrolling pages. If you have fixed header, users won’t get lost as the navigation menu placed in the header will always be in front of their eyes.

LP can be extended

You can make a website with a promotional page, but at navigation to the top of it. This will allow you to make additional pages, blog, contacts. That is to use the full power of the website along with all features of a Landing Page.

Have you ever seen a person so deeply involved in graphic design that even starting use design patterns in life? If no, then you should get acquainted with Brian Jens, a man who is totally immersed in design and blogging. He works at DesignContest and doesn’t imagine a day living without writing or designing.

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