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How To Be More Present Through An App?

It’s not another gift card app – Gisges wants to help its users to make somebody’s day by sending a small surprise.

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If some people blame smart phones and apps for making people less present in their close ones’ lives – Helsinki-based startup Gisges aims to do the total opposite.

I sat down with Gisges co-founder Antti Kaihlanen and product lead Sabrina Viitasaari to discuss about their app which is officially launched today. The app is a combination of a social treating service and marketing platform – that enables a connection with pure intent between the actors.

“We want to deliver messages in a tasty and experimental way,” says Viitasaari about their app that is now available in Helsinki region.

For the users, Gisges enables people reaching out and being present without talking – And what the company really wants is to change people’s behaviour on how we can surprise each other in a personalized manner.

Gisges is not about big daily surprises – it’s about making someones day,” emphasizes Kaihlanen.

Listen to the whole interview on ArcticStartup Soundcloud – and you’ll also find out how Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley and Sunrise Avenue Singer Samu Haber are involved in the startup.


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