How QuizUp nailed international markets with OneSky translations

    With 323,000 total inhabitants, one thing plainly obvious to Icelandic companies is that if you want to succeed, you’ve got to think outside of your native language. A translation into English is the first step for Nordic companies to reach a wider population, but to reach success Icelandic games maker Plain Vanilla translated their quiz game into five languages to help hit key markets reaching over 20 million users – a few multiples bigger than the population of their home country.

    To do so, they used localization expert OneSky’s professional language translation and crowdsourced translation services to get QuizUp into five languages within two months. As a result, most of their massive growth came from international markets.

    Plugging into OneSky
    If you were to design a translation service for 2015 it would look something like OneSky. Rather than using a messy back and forth between private translators and your app’s text, OneSky’s Translation Management Platform plugs directly into your product with support for over 30 file formats including .strings, .xml, .yml, .po, and .xls, as well as an API that allows you to integrate with your existing content management systems and development tools to automate your workflow. So have you updated a button description on your app? Rather than remembering all your changes, OneSky’s platform can auto-detect which changes are new and have it quickly turned around by one of their professional translators.

    While the UI is probably the first hurdle to translation, OneSky also makes it easy to handle support with translations of FAQ customer service tickets, demo video captions, and will plug into integrations like Google Play, Freshdesk FreshdeskFacebook, Youtube, Google Play and other popular platforms for customer service and marketing.

    Growing so fast, Plain Vanilla also needed to keep their website’s help-desk multilingual and was able to use the same platform they used to translate their app on the web. “When translating QuizUp to new 5 new languages, we used OneSky translation service with great results! They were extremely helpful and quick at resolving any issues that came up.” – Guðfinnur Sveinsson, Head of QA & Support at Plain Vanilla Games says on OneSky’s blog.

    Empowering the Crowd
    What’s remarkable about QuizUp’s localization is that it wasn’t just for a simple in-and-out translation. Since questions inside QuizUp can be contributed by users, Plain Vanilla  also wanted to include their users in the localization process where users can suggest, vote for, and review translations.

    To do so they used OneSky’s crowdsourced translation option which allowed them to take advantage of the massive multilingual user base, while keeping it neat and tidy through OneSky

    If Plain Vanilla can take a look at Quizup’s 220,000 questions in 700 topics and mix in localized crowd-submitted questions, then there’s really no excuse why your app would’t work on the international markets. More information about OneSky can be found by visiting them on the web. You may also try their free appgrader to estimate your product’s ROI of localization.

    OneSky is a SaaS translation platform for mobile apps and websites. It also offers translation service supporting 40+ languages, and supports 30+ popular file formats including .strings, .xml, .yml, .po, .xls, etc. Manage the translations for your mobile apps, websites, softwares, social media and documents, all in one platform.