How is your team doing? Don't guess – Ask!

    “How was your week” is a simple question to ask from your team when you work in a small company. But imagine the situation with hundreds of staff members – The employers can have problems to get a sense of the atmosphere.

    VibeCatch, headquartered in Espoo, Finland, brings on the table a tool for modern human resources management. The service offered lets employers send out a weekly survey to staff, who answer any custom question – with one easy click. It’s the sort of system that major companies like Accenture and Deloitte are rolling out to their offices worldwide.

    There’s a generational shift in these big legacy corporations away from conducting laborious annual surveys of their workforce, to adopting a much lighter approach to staff management and well-being. With VibeCatch we give companies big and small the tools to engage continuously with their staff in a modern way,” says Juha Huttunen, the CEO of VibeCatch.

    Get the mood of your staff by asking simple questions.

    Usually, employees have to wait their annual or biannual meeting with their management team to let know about their feelings regarding to their tasks or work. Using this tool allows almost direct feedback from your staff, and the anonymity of answers allows more honest comments.

    VibeCatch will also incorporate the quality of working life (QWL) survey method of leading academic Marko Kesti, from the University of Lapland, into their product in order to provide more accurate and better results. Kesti’s QWL method is the only scientifically tested job engagement survey method which can be linked to improving company’s financial performance.

    The business model resides on a basic free version where employers can ask one question per week to their staff. Subscribers can unlock additional features like unlimited questions, categorized poll results, templates from HR professionals and feedback analysis for a set price per employee.