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Every once in a while a product startup comes along that puts a smile on my face.

Whether it’s due to the funky design, the clever copywriting (strong as an ant, smart as an elephant), the successful $20,000 crowdfunding project, its sheer simplicity, or the fact the inventor spent months researching the idea in public restrooms around Europe, I’m not too sure.

I’m not the only one impressed by Hook, a shockingly simple product that fits between a door and doorframe to provide you with a place for your jacket, and slips neatly away in your wallet. The respected industry magazine Design Boom have invited Hook’s Norwegian creator Bjørn Bye to join them at this weekend’s Tokyo Designers Week, a huge opportunity for a one-person startup with 120,000 people expected to attend.

“Besides selling samples from the first batch, I hope to make contact with potential distributors or sales agents in Japan. Hook is so far the only solution in the world to this specific problem. I have patented the technical principal in 147 countries and my goal is to get volumes in as many markets as possible”, says Bye.

For the product-minded amongst you, each hook is made of one piece of molded Polypropylene (PP). It has two hinges, a reinforced hook-function and weighs a mere 3.7 grams.

Hook is simple, functional, and solves a real-world problem. A lesson for us all!

A former IT Project Manager, David Nikel now works as a technology writer in Norway. He helps Norwegian companies communicate in English and reports on the entrepreneurial scene for ArcticStartup.

Picture credit is Colin Eick.

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