Have you noticed that food technology has a notable impact on how and what we eat?

The foodtech scene in Finland has had dramatic change during the past few years with a boom of ideas and investment. Start-ups are playing an important role in being a logistics arm for restaurants and inventing new healthy supplement products. By combining technological innovation with culinary knowledge, foodtech start-ups began running ahead of traditional services.

Quick healthy meals

Enjoying a quick and healthy meal has never been more convenient since technology started to assist us in how and what we eat. Fast food is not the only choice we have when the schedule is packed. A romantic three courses dinner could be served with only one click. No matter if it is a ready-made meal or an exquisite dish from your favourite restaurant, food will be delivered to your door within 30 minutes.

Food start-ups maximize the efficiency for customers and help to reduce labour expenses for the restaurants, as well as doing an extra promotion for it.

Wolt and Foodora are both popular startups, whose logistics applications allow anyone to get food at the door. All you need to do is to decide on the restaurant you want to eat, make an order on the application, and voila! – your yummy meal will be brought at your door in minutes.

Food delivery apps serve the most demanding customers. For example, if you are on a diet or tired of every day meal choices, Epic Foods will take that burden for you. This idea behind Epic Foods is to reconstruct the notion of a restaurant by turning your house into a dining and the shipper will be your waiter. Customers can create their personal menu on demand, indicate special diet requests, and schedule a particular delivery time.

This concept has received a lot of support with the rate 4.8 out of 5 star on their Facebook page with positive reviews about delicious and high quality food, as well as friendly and timely delivery.

Healthy and delicious alternative products

Technology has made a huge revolution in food industry when it comes to meat substitute products. Not only vegans and vegetarians, but also those who are not on any particular diet have more choices for their protein sources than ever before. Healthy and delicious meat substitutes could become a new trend in Nordic diet.

Finnish Gold&Green Food made an impressive move in the food industry by introducing Pulled Oats. The product quickly became famous in Finland getting a lot of positive feedback from vegetarians and meat eaters. Pulled Oats is a combination of organic oats and beans, but its texture is pretty much the same as pulled pork. It is the new source of plant protein, and has zero preservatives or e-codes. Moreover, it tastes like real meat and is easy to prepare at home. The first batch of Pulled Oats was sold out in 11 minutes. 

Another option for plant-based lovers is Härkis from Verso Food. Härkis is a protein and fiber packed meal made of Finnish fava beans. The product has a neutral taste, thus goes well with other ingredients.Verso Food’s CEO, Tarija Ollila aims provide more healthy food choices by bringing in new vegetarian products.  “No one would eat härkis every single day. Our goal isn’t to replace anything; instead, we want to add more options on the table”, – comments Ollila.

Another vegetarian product that received a great love by consumers is Mifú by Valio. It is protein-rich milk-based product available in supermarkets in Finland with four different flavours to choose from. Mifú is gluten free, lactose free, soy-free and egg-free. 

Tuomas Salusjärvi, executive vice president responsible for Valio R&D and product groups, said: “Our R&D division focused on developing a juicy texture that endures frying, working also on shelf life and nutritional values. Mifu is made using a unique recipe and patented technology.”

Fighting the food waste

Food tech affects not only the way we eat, but also the way we save food. Many start-ups work on fighting the food waste and engage the community into food waste reduction.

Supermarkets and restaurants are the two main sources of food waste in food. Finnish companies ResQ Club and Lunchie Market offer the marketplace where customers can buy restaurant leftovers with up to 60% discounted price.These companies help reducing the amount of food waste for restaurant, while customers can enjoy a meal with a great price. Their mobile apps allow to locate restaurants, make an order, and pick it up whenever needed. The app has filters to satisfy customers needs. For example, one can choose from vegan meal or any particular cuisine. 

Froodly and From waste to taste solve the problem of food waste in supermarkets. Froodly helps customers to allocate all the “still-fresh” products at discount in supermarkets all around Finland. The services can save you up to 70% for your favourite or must-have items in the fridge. Loop restaurant has a different approach to rescuing food from supermarkets by using raw materials in their gourmet dishes.

In conclusion, Finnish startups have made an innovative step in changing the eating lifestyle. They make consumer’s food experience more interesting and provide massive social impact such as supporting restaurants an creating healthy food choices.

By Alice Tien Tran

Alice Tien Tran is a Marketing and communication enthusiast, content writer and energetic event organizer. She is hungry to develop knowledge and expertise in social media marketing, content marketing, and video production. When she’s not working, you might find her testing some baking recipes or at a Vietnamese traditional dance practice. Connect with her on Medium.

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