How Are You – Or Do You Actually Know?

    Swedish startup Werlabs wants to give people knowledge to take control over their own health.

    By allowing Werlabs to analyse few drops of your blood – you get information about your health.

    “People know more about the square metre cost of their apartment than their own health,” says Will Stoddart, the CEO of Stockholm-based Werlabs. The company forms a network between the user, the blood taking centre and a lab – and sends the results to the user with doctor’s health analysis in digital and easy-to-understand form.

    “People want access to and the ability to use their own health information,” says Stoddart and emphasizes that major source of patient anxiety is the length of time it takes to get results rather than the results itself.

    With Werlabs, the user might get the first test results already during the testing day online.

    Access to blood tests is usually controlled by doctors – but Werlabs wants to share all the health details with the users. Photo: Shutterstock

    The process of using Werlabs is simple. The user picks up on the web shop what tests he or she wants to get done, pays the test online – and the next day one can head to take the test. The company has partnered with both public and private clinics, and the blood samples can be taken in over 100 places in Sweden.

    As mentioned, the online results include information and analysis about the data so that anyone can understand the test results without a doctor interpreting. The system also gives guidance and inspiration for improving the health values, and helps users to track changes in health over time.

    At the moment, the service is only available in Sweden, but according to Stoddart they are expanding already in April to new markets.

    The ultimate goal of the company analyzed already over 200,000 tests in Sweden is to be global.