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Hours of WarA new version of the game Hours of War, the MMORPG war game being created by Sauma Technologies, has just been launched. The game has not been out for very long and without any major advertising they have been able to add some 20 000 registered users on board already. We wrote in January that Sauma Technologies received a funding round of 500 000 euros and it seems this money has been put to good use. While there is obviously still a long way to go the development so far looks very promising.

What is the game all about then? It’s a realtime 24/7 MMORPG where you are in control of your troops in Europe during World War II scenarios. Hours of War states on their website, that the game is to be historically very accurate which always adds to the gaming experience in a positive manner. The game is tick based and up to 5000 people can play in the same server. The new version of the game includes a lot of small improvements regarding game play and historical accuracy. Something to naturally expect from a game that is still in beta.

What makes me particularly happy is the fact that they have thought of the commercialisation of the game very early on. This can be seen on the website as advertisements for war bonds. For 29.99€ you get three months worth of premium play time. What makes this interesting is the fact that they are still deveoping the premium account so all the users who have bought the war bonds package already will have to wait for the chance to play the game. Nothing certainly wrong in getting advanced payments for your web service.

I had a chat with Andreas Von Koskull, the CEO of Sauma Technologies, earlier this autumn and he mentioned the fact that they are looking forwards to creating more games in these niches with their platform. It’s certainly interesting to build a game of this sort to a very highly passionate group of people, but as a side product the real value comes in the form of the technology that they’re building. This platform will enable new games being launched even faster to new niche areas where there is already demand.

Being the games geek that I am, I’m personally looking forwards to seeing how Hours of War will develop in the future. With 20 000 registered users trying out your beta is definitely a good sign and an indication of the future potential.

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