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Sayat.me is a new Estonian startup looking to enable better, honest albeit anonymous feedback about people (to begin with). The service was founded by Asko Seeba as well as Priit Salumaa and Indrek Ulst. In its short existence, it has build traction quite a bit and today traffic is north of 20 000 unique daily visitors.

The service is extremely simple – there are two parties involved, those who want feedback and those who give it. Those who want feedback register to the site with a few select details and they’re set. Those wanting to give feedback simply go the page of the person they want to give feedback to and type in what they think – without any recognisable information. If the person giving feedback wants the receiver to respond privately and anonymously, they are able to do so by registering to the site.

Sayat.me falls into the same category of services such as formspring.me, which allows people to anonymously ask and answer questions. Very simple, but can prove interesting results. Chris Dixon, entrepreneur (Hunch) and investor, uses formspring to answer questions people send him about running startups and investing.

Sayat.me is most probably testing the concept out with consumers, but the real money of course lays on the business side of things. If you’re able to give honest feedback about certain topics to companies – it’s extremely valuable information. It can be considered a sort of a dynamic customer panel – changing with the new people joining the service.

Nevertheless, getting this sort of traction is not easy – then again, it could be that the service concept is extremely simple and a no-brainer for most of us. It remains to be seen where Sayat.me takes the concept as it clearly works.