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Helsingin Sanomat ran a story on Mari Kiviniemi, the Finnish Prime Minister, who has expressed her thoughts on European state of affairs regarding digital media. She states that, “it’s no co-incidence that the digital superstars, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, are all from the US, where they share a large, functioning domestic market”. What she’s saying here is that the European non-functioning markets should be better built for both consumers and online companies generating value.

Mari Kiviniemi stated her concern on the issue in her talk in Brussels, where the heads of EU nations are meeting currently. According to Kiviniemi, Europe is significantly lacking in the online content business as well as devices mainly due to the inefficiency of the European domestic markets.

The reason is very simple. “In Europe, companies have to work with 27 different frameworks of copyrights, consumer law, politics in telecommunications or simply physical IT infrastructure”, she continues. I find this extremely welcoming, and the change to make our domestic markets work better would be appreciated by all.