Highlights From the 1st Web Design Hackathon in the Baltics

    Editor’s note: This is a guest post contributed by Trackduck

    It looks like 2015 will continue with the theme of the Baltics as a design and development hotspot. This weekend the first of its kind web design hackathon YourDesignWorks took place in Tallinn. Workshops and mentors covered the whole process from fundamental design thinking to executing a visually attractive solution. Over 40 people took part and created 19 awesome projects.

    “A lot of people are interested in design but don’t know how or where to start. We wanted to give them an introduction to web design in the simplest way possible,” explained Liis Peetermann why she and Helen Kokk decided to organize the event.

    The goal of this event was to share practical know-how on design assignments at hand. During the event the participants touched all the screws and bolts of designer work. From how to profile target customers, to creating first wireframes, developing a brand and growing a great mustache. Under the guidance of professional designers, the hackathon attendants learned how to make a pixel perfect design. During the weekend participants gave presentations, had one-on-one mentoring sessions and practiced being real hipsters.

    “There are a lot of talented designers in the world, some just don’t know it yet. All web sites received a professional look in just 48 hours. Considering that most of the participants had no previous design experience, that’s amazing. We’ll be definitely doing it again,” added the organizers.

    Check out the web designs made in 48 hours – and don’t forget to leave some comments for aspiring designers to learn from!

    14 established mentors from Estonia and Oman collaborated to create the hands-on learning experience, including Maido Parv (Skype), Cesar Zeppini (Pipedrive), Veli-Johan Veromann (Weekdone), Stefan Hiienurm (Thorgate), Sara Fida Al-Abdullah from Oman and many more. The event was supported by Pipedrive (hackathon tooks place in Pipedrive’s Tallinn office), Garage48, IDEA, Thorgate, Voog, GTI and Maiasmokk. To make the event truly pan-Baltic, we supported event from Lithuania via Skype and gave all participants free TrackDuck design and development feedback tool subscriptions.

    For more information visit YourDesignWorks website and follow on Facebook and Instagram.