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Hiddenhint Takes A Cooler Approach To Find A Special Someone

Who doesn’t have a secret crush once in a lifetime? Unfortunately, many have trouble expressing the emotions to their crush. The reason being nobody wants the crush to crash their reputation by becoming public. True that, I would rather keep affection for someone to myself than to say it out loud putting my reputation at stake. If there is a secret way to express this, who wouldn’t want to make use of it? Hiddenhint does exactly that.

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Now there are a lot of other traditional methods, such as tossing a random note on a girl’s desk, putting a nice card in her bag, etc but in the age of social media and apps, gadgets, etc it sounds too old school. Hiddenhint makes a note of this and adds a bit more modern and anonymous touch to it. But how exactly does it work?

To begin with you need to know who is it that you have an undying interest for. After figuring that out, you can add the person to your secret list using Hiddenhint. This is quite easy and is divided into four steps:

  • Add a person to your list. This could be someone on your Facebook list or a friend outside your social connection.
  • The person is sent a message notifying them that someone is interested. This is anonymous and your identity is not revealed.
  • If the person you were interested in adds you, the match is made.
  • The relation status now needs to change (that’s just my addition)

I think the idea is great. Especially in cases where people boast having great love for a person for ages but just lack the courage to speak their heart. The risk, obviously is great. I mean who would want to have a colleague shout back at you for saying that you are interested in them or simply post your letter on Facebook. With this, you have a way to say it all and wait for the great moment where the other adds you and you figure out that the feelings are mutual.

What needs to be pointed out is that Hiddenhint isn’t a dating application, and that it relies on the fact that you aren’t into dating strangers. Hiddenhint believes that the best way to meet people is via friends, which is why it has Facebook integration. Thankfully this filters out that irritating lot that has a crush on every other girl they look at.

Just be warned though, you don’t add your girl friend’s or wife’s best friend to your secret list. We or Hiddenhint will take no responsibility of the consequences.

Hiddenhint is a startup from Sweden. Their iPhone application is available for download while they are working to release the Android application shortly.

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