Helsinki sea pool raises 1+ mln from crowd

Helsinki Allas Sea Pool’s crowdfunding campaign to finance building works of Helsinki’s new landmark topped 1 million euros as it was approaching the deadline later on Thursday.

The pool in downtown Helsinki, which was opened earlier in 2016, has become already a landmark for the Finnish capital.

The Allas Sea Pool was also one of last year’s successes. It raised 811,000 euros in September–November of 2015, gaining almost 400 new shareholders. The company is now raising additional capital to finish construction of the site during next year.


The idea started to materialize in early 2013 when the first proposal of a floating spa was sent to the city council. After a long bureaucratic process and 22 authorities later, the construction permit was finally issued in September 2015.

At the moment the establishment consists of three swimming pools, three saunas, a side-building with a roof terrace and a pavilion-like cafeteria. It will be complete in May 2017, when the construction work on the main building is finished. The whole venue has an area of almost 10,000 square metres and a capacity of 3,500 persons at a time, making 10,000 visitors/day possible.

The company is valued at 5 million euros after the round, with new investors getting in total 20 percent of the company.