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Help Us Save Startup Journalism – ArcticStartup Goes To Indiegogo.

Today we at ArcticStartup are excited to announce the launch of our IndieGoGo campaign for CoFounder, a brand new print magazine focused on the European startup scene. #PrintReally.

ArcticStartup has been around since 2007, delivering startup news from the Nordics & Baltics. One thing that’s clear to us is that the European startup scene is booming as a whole, but the media landscape is fragmented into small regional blogs, along with international media houses that feel the pull of the valley. Just looks at last week’s newsfeed, which was basically completely dedicated to the Apple announcement. With the rise of the European startup scene, the timing is right for a European-focused print media and you can help us make it a reality.

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This project means a lot to us, and we want to bring it to life together with our readers and subscribers. This will be your magazine as much as it will be ours, we will even print your name in it, to make it official.

In addition to showing your support, you will get cool perks, especially if you act fast enough to grab the very limited offer ones such as: getting your name into the magazine, joining our virtual advisory board or getting Arctic15 tickets at the best possible price. If somebody goes the extra mile, they will become our cofounder and will join us on a trip to Svalbard. Please support us by visiting the Indiegogo page.

Readers vs. Eyeballs

Why print? This was the question we at ArcticStartup asked when we were approached from the magazine world. But after running the numbers, printing physical magazines isn’t as ridiculous as you’d think, especially for a passionate, niche audience that advertisers find valuable.

It’s a shift in priorities away from the web media landscape where, in the long term, media companies need to maximize pageviews in order to grow. Instead of being another media company trying to make space in your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter feed, we write what we know is important for our readers and grow a subscription base. Instead of selling you as a product, we want to sell an amazing product to you.

What You Can Do To Help

We are not doing this for ourselves, we want our community to be a part of the magazine. You will have a chance to influence our direction, to help us find stories, to tell us what we should really be looking at and investigating. To make that happen, you can help us by:

    Sharing the campaign and this article in social media.
    Joining our Thunderclap campaign, which will announce our progress to the world on the 20th of March. Join here.
    Commenting, giving us direction, sending us tips and engaging.

Help us keep startup journalism alive. Media is a tough business as we have recently seen with Gigaom ceasing it’s operations, but we remain optimistic that with the right audience and supporters we can make something amazing that will be around for years to come. Thank you for being our loyal readers and see you soon. In print.

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