HeiaHeia, the Finnish service for keeping count of your exercises, has redesigned their website and added some small features along with the update. With the update, the service has also stated that it’s leaving their beta phase behind. As a new feature with the update, Stats have been added. These will help users keep track of their long term development.

We covered the service just before Christmas, both from traction point of view and hinting of a site redesign. The service gathered one million logged exercises in a year, basically doubling its growth rate every three months. If this growth rate is keeping up with the new design of the site, the service will have 2 million logged exercises by April this year.

Some useful features the update has added are free form notes, the possibility to add sick days as well as the statistics tab. Free form notes are basically status updates to the stream of activities going on. Sick days help you keep count of how many days you’ve been unable to train – yet another great way to keep users glued to the service (when previously they would have stayed away).

The company plans to increase the amount of activities people are able to log into the service. Tools to help you keep count of personal statistics like these are very engaging – people like to know how many times they’ve been to the gym last month and keep count of their development. The latest round updates to the service will surely be adopted by users with open arms.

Below are some screenshots of the new features and parts of the service (from my personal profile).

The new statistics view.

You’re now able to view your training log on an annual basis.

The new activity meter is also more functional, showing different time frames as well as activity types.