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This is pretty significant for someone like HeiaHeia (pretty much anyone going at it with limited resources). The company announced yesterday that they have partnered with Preve Ltd, a subsidiary of Pfizer Finland, to provide self-care patients with the possibility to use their platform. The deal in question is essentially the first public white label solution HeiaHeia has done for a larger company.

HeiaHeia is an online exercise log at its simplest. In the service, you are able to friend others and thus socially motivate each other to exercise more. It also basic game mechanics to further push people to exercise more, such as top lists among your friends and so on. In the partnership with Preve, this platform has been made available for Preve’s customers in a white label fashion.

“Users of the integrated service will have access to a personal health coach for at least three months. In addition, they will be using a customized version of the HeiaHeia online service. In the online service, the participants will be able to set personal objectives related to lifestyle changes, report daily activities and receive support and encouragement from peers”, says Jari Turpeinen, Director, Preve Ltd.

HeiaHeia will also be receiving more resources for product development and together with Preve, they will launch several corporate pilots during this spring. Essentially this is, in addition to being a white label deal, a distribution deal for HeiaHeia.

HeiaHeia recently announced that they’ve logged 2 million exercises. The growth has been exponential in the past few months and with partnerships like those of Preve, the company will surely further increase its pace.

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