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HeiaHeia is one year old this December. In the last twelve months, they’ve also logged about one million exercises. Last night, they were 10 000 exercises short, but the staff expects this milestone to be crossed in a matter of days. While this doesn’t naturally tell anything about their userbase, it’s definitely somewhere in the tens of thousands.

We’ve covered HeiaHeia in quite a bit detail, but it’s all earned visibility. The company started out as Moozement in May 2009 and we covered them first back then. In January this year, they rebranded themselves as HeiaHeia.

HeiaHeia has been logging activities at an increased pace too. On June 30th, they had logged more than 250 000 exercises. By mid-September, they had crossed the half a million mark. So in the last three and a half months, they have logged the remaining 500 000 exercises. If they keep up this pace, they’ll be logging more than 2 million exercises by April next year. This should tell everyone something about their traction.

In a blog post announcing the million logged exercises, the company has also stated that they are very close to launching a site redesign. My guess is that we’ll see it by the latest in early January. I’ve talked to many people close to HeiaHeia and everyone seems to be interested in the new site and the possibilities it opens up.

HeiaHeia is a service where users can submit their sports activities free of charge. It’s a way to keep track of how much you have exercised and how well you’re improving. One of the core ideas of HeiaHeia is social peer pressure and support. Friends can motivate each others to work out more often and talk about recent exercises. While similar services have been around for a long time in the US, none of them have really taken the market in the Nordics as HeiaHeia has.