HeiaHeia Launches A Personal Training Program Generator

    HeiaHeia, the social sports and fitness tracker, has launched a new personal training program generator in association with Fazer and SATS. The generator has been one of the most requested features among current users of the tracker. Yesterday’s launch comes just three weeks after HeiaHeia announced a pilot partnership with the Finnish military to provide conscripts with personalized training programs.

    HeiaHeia’s first non-military training programs have been created by the fitness professionals of SATS, the leading fitness centre chain in the Nordics. SATS representative Timo Haikarainen says that a training program is the best way to correctly schedule rest periods with physical exercises. “A program designed by a personal trainer reduces the risk of injury and gets the most out of your workouts.”

    HeiaHeia also continues its partnership with Fazer’s health-branded bread Real. Fazer provides HeiaHeia users with nutritional information and offers special features to members of Team Real at HeiaHeia.

    So head on over to HeiaHeia and get yourself a free personal training program. A healthy body = a healthy mind, especially during the long and dark winter that is upon us in the Nordic and Baltic area… and remember that a piece of chocolate or two never hurt anyone!

    You can find instructions for using the new training program feature here.