HeiaHeia grabs €1.5 million for expansion

    Some of our Finnish readers might have already since a Finnish publication broke it early, but HeiaHeia, the fitness tracking tool that’s pivoted to a corporate wellness product, announces it has raised a €1.5 million round. The funding was led by Wallstreet Financial Services, a Finnish boutique investment house that has chosen Heia Heia for the first investment through their new vehicle. With the funding from Wallstreet and Tekes, Heia Heia plans on pushing their international expansion further though Europe and North America.

    HeiaHeia’s roots were in a consumer fitness tracker, but as we’ve written, the company has seen their growth come from selling their B2B solution. Here, companies or teams inside companies can compete to achieve their fitness goals by getting employees to track their activity to compete on a greater team goal. While some companies might do it out of the goodness in their hearts, fit and healthy employees are costly to companies. Normal regular exercise then promotes a happy and healthy workforce.

    So far Heia Heia has seen a decent amount of traction, counting “hundreds” of companies using their product. This number also includes multinationals like Johnson&Johnson, PepsiCo, Ricoh, Toshiba, and Santander using their product in at least some divisions. And on the insurance side, the company says it has made partnerships with insurance companies in several countries, which may help push the product deeper into SMEs.

    “With people spending the majority of their day at work, it’s becoming increasingly important for employers to promote wellness in the workplace. HeiaHeia’s mission is to help employers succeed in their task”, says Jussi Raisanen, CEO and co-founder. “In the coming years, we intend to improve wellness at thousands of companies worldwide by providing them with an all-in-one workplace wellness tool.”