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Let’s start off the week on a little bit of a lighter note. One of our readers sent in a couple of photos to us regarding our stickers. We give these out at our events and whenever we meet people and so on. He told us he’d had one of these stickers stuck in his washing machine for a couple of months now. It’s been stuck there and gone through tens of washes without leaving any color. We don’t manufacture our own stickers, but we’re still extremely proud of their quality. Talk about heavy duty!

The stickers are actually ordered from a Swedish company called Stickit.se and are one of their more regular stickers. We’ve been their customer for quite some time and it seems like we’ve picked the right company to work with! We won’t be getting any referral bonuses or anything for mentioning this, but they’re definitely a sticker company you should look into if you’re in need of custom cut stickers.

Below is one more photo of the sticker shown stuck at the washing machine’s drum.