There is a fact about diabetes in Finland that cannot be ignored. There are about 50 000 people with type one diabetes and about 300 000 people with type two diabetes living in the country. Among those, about 4000 children under the age of 15 are diagnosed with diabetes. (*)

Being concerned about this problem and learning from the personal experience of how hard it is to find suitable products for their kids, two Finnish dads, Tino Singh and Sami Kuusisto, founded Two Dads® Ltd. With this company, they aim to develop new categories of food, which helps to maintain a balanced diet for kids. Their ultimate goal is to promote the health and well-being of children.

“Our motives are the love of our own kids and looking after their well-being holistically, but also doing something to address the global childhood obesity epidemic. We believe that all kids deserve healthy nutritional food.”- comment Two Dads founders.

 The product development process took two years and involved nutrition scientists and healthcare experts from University of Helsinki. The first product is the wholesome cereal with 100% natural ingredients, high fibre and pleasant apple flavour and it free from any unnecessary artificial additives.

Fortunately, S Group, one of Finland’s leading grocery retailer, shares the same passion with Two Dads on promoting the wholesome and healthy food for kids.

“We want to help our customers make healthier choices. We are making a commitment to bring more products that are more nutritious onto our shop shelves. That is why complementing our product range with Two Dads products developed by healthcare professionals and nutritional scientists is a natural step for the journey we have begun.” – says Katja Tapio, VP Assortments at S Group.

The shared goal resulted in a fruitful cooperation between S Group and Two Dads, whose products will first be sold exclusively at S Group stores starting in August 2017.

In the future, Two Dads. plans to spread their passion for healthy food for kids across the border of Finland. In November 2016, Tino Singh had a successful visit in Fukuoka city, Japan and received a warm welcome with many potential investment opportunities. The cooperation has started well and the commerce activities are planned in 2018.

With the fast-growing industry, Two Dads. made an impressive move to the wholesome food market, especially healthy food for kids sector. It is not only about giving children a chance to approach healthy nutrition, it is also about introducing a balanced diet and becoming the base of the healthy lifestyle for the adulthood.

(*) statistics from research of at the end of 2016

By Alice Tien Tran

Alice Tien Tran is a Marketing and communication enthusiast, content writer and energetic event organizer. She is hungry to develop knowledge and expertise in social media marketing, content marketing, and video production. When she’s not working, you might find her testing some baking recipes or at a Vietnamese traditional dance practice. Connect with her on Medium.

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