Health AI Startup Raises Funding

Finnish digital health startup Combinostics has raised capital from Danish LEO Innovation Lab, and a group of Finnish investors, for taking its technology faster to the market.
Tampere-based Combinostics has developed a unique machine learning approach for combining imaging data with other patient data such as molecular tests, genetic tests and neuropsychological tests, to create a more intelligent analysis of all available data. This will support doctors in diagnosing complex diseases earlier and more precisely.
“At LEO Innovation Lab we are constantly aiming to find partners who can help us develop the technologies that can improve the lives of people with skin diseases,” Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO of LEO Innovation Lab, said in a statement.
Combinostics’ first product, a tool for clinical decision support in dementia, is expected to go live with partnering clinics and hospitals within a couple of months.

“The adoption of electronic health records, new biomarkers, wearable devices and more advanced imaging techniques means that clinicians are faced with rapidly increasing amounts of data. Today, a large portion of these data is left unexploited,”, said Lennart Thurfjell, co-founder and CEO of Combinostics.
LEO Innovation Lab, which has 60 million euros in funding and no profit requirements, owns 7.5 percent of Combinostics after the investment round.
The Lab was established by Danish dermatology care firm LEO Pharma, which is owned by the LEO Foundation and profits are reinvested in the company.