What Will Media Look Like? Pitch At Media Honeypot

Looking at the latest trends, traditional media gets rapidly disrupted. Users are moving from laptops to mobile, from articles to video, from paid subscriptions to free online content. The print is decreasing dramatically and with them often their ad related revenue streams. All of the media company income streams are under attack. That is why we created Media Honeypot, a media related conference where the future of media is discovered.

We believe that the new generation of customers may never even possess a computer but read, learn, share, buy and explore using mobile only. Who knows, it might all even be in augmented reality or perhaps a Siri-like assistant in your ear.

“The media industry has undergone a profound transformation over the past few years. We have new mediums, new business models, new platforms, new ways to consume content and new ways media companies interact with us,” said Kim Weckström, Founder of Avaus Marketing Innovations.

The media industry has to act quickly to find suitable ways reaching their audience and capitalise their content and services.

Due to the fast pace of change in the industry, media companies often have to rely on external expertise to adapt to the new paradigm shifts. That is when startups and growth companies come into picture play, as by working together with established players – they can shape and disrupt the industry.

Media Honeypot, is an event organised by ArcticStartup on the 9th of February 2017 in Helsinki. It focuses on innovations within the media industry and aims to connect executives with innovative and creative technology companies to work together. 400+ media executives, startups, growth companies and investors meet for intensive business meetings in the Deal Room. If you have a startup, you can even get a chance to pitch. Apply here.

International industry experts will share their experience of working with startups and what is needed to stay in the game when operating in the media industry. Media companies like Alma Media, Atresmedia, Bonnier, Google, Otava, Sanoma, VICE Scandinavia, YLE, and many more are joining the event.

Their needs are diverse: ad technology, digital marketing, virtual reality, augmented reality, audio blogging and podcasts, AI-Driven content and robotic journalism, video and streaming.

Pitching Competition With 5000€ Cash Prize

Together with Tekes Media Honeypot is also announcing its Pitching Competition.

Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, has a media specific funding project with which a total of EUR 20 million will be made available to RDI projects in this field 2015-2018. With the Pitching Competition Tekes aims to connect Finnish entrepreneurs with international media innovators in order to see what is happening in other markets.

The Pitching Competition is open to all creative projects and companies that want to create the future of media. The finalist will win a cash prize of 5000€.

To apply, simply fill this form.

Deadline for the Pitching Competition is 8th of January. Applications are screened continuously, so the sooner you apply – the sooner you will have the answer.

As part of Media Honeypot, Tekes has also launched its Media Fast Track that addresses companies registered in Finland to apply for funding within the Tekes programme.

Hope to see you in February!

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