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HammerKit logoThe Finnish web company HammerKit has raised a financing round last week according to Kauppalehti. The sum raised was not disclosed, but it was stated that one party involved in the round was the Finnish Governmental investment fund VeraVenture.

I was able to talk to some members of VeraVenture in LeWeb and they confirmed the investment. It was also VeraVenture’s 100th investment in the duration of a few years. VeraVenture’s investment strategy is such that it doubles the effect of an individual investor’s so there would have had to be another investor that put in an extra X euro’s into HammerKit.

HammerKit’s board will be added with Gateway Technolabs Finland’s founder Pentti Heikkinen along with the investment, so one guess could be that Gateway Technolabs Finland is the other investor. This cannot be confirmed as it has been stated that there is a shortage of able and experienced board members for startups.

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