Hakema Launches Appointment Booking Service, Integrated On Oikotie

Hakema just launched its new product that focuses on appointment bookings for real-estate sellers and buyers. It solves a time consuming problem; when people are searching for apartments online, buyers need to make appointments with sellers. Currently, finding a suitable time using phone or email is time-consuming and inconvenient. Also, sellers’ efforts are wasted if there are no visitors in open houses. Hakema brings these two parties together and also collects information on potential buyers and runs a proper analysis of visits and customer interest. With its launch, the Hakema service is now live on Oikotie, a large online classifieds site in Finland.

Using the service is pretty straightforward and I found it well executed. As a buyer, you just need to browse what times are available for a private listing or an open house, then plug in your phone number, name, and email after clicking the time that works best for you. You immediately receive a confirmation text message, which the service uses to keep in touch with you in case the property is sold before your appointment, or if the listing price reduces. Buyers can also cancel by SMS, saving time for apartment sellers.

If you’re listing some real estate, you simply pick a range of times where you could meet with clients, and you’re set up. Sellers receive email and SMS notifications of bookings and cancelations, and get access to the email addresses and phone numbers of interested clients. Hakema includes analytics to analyze how many people clicked, booked and visited each listing, giving real estate agents access to greater information.

CEO Ajay Garg says the company has such a focus on analytics because it’s better tool for online sellers to help them in their sales. “The tool will typically be offered by classified providers, so the sellers can use it right on the classified site. Using some basic analytics, a seller can fine tune his open times, check growing or declining interest and hopefully sell the item faster.”

Hakema is already integrated with Oikotie, one of Finland’s largest online classifieds, and some sellers have already taken advantage of the service– this charming house in Espoo being one example. You can see how Hakema is integrated by clicking “Esittelykalenteri.” If you wish to just play around with the Hakema service, you can go to the live demo hosted on the Hakema website.

Hakema has grown to a solid team of five since 20011. They have background in running startups in the USA, Malaysia, India and Finland, and people who follow Startup Sauna and the Aaltoes crowd may already be somewhat familiar with Hakema. The company is a graduate of Startup Sauna spring batch 2011, and keeps its offices in the Aalto venture garage.

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