Hack your mind and body at the Biohacker Summit this week

    The startup scene is all about finding better, fresher, or more efficient ways to do something, but do we do the same with our bodies? Likely not, we sit at our desks all day, forget to eat lunch, and drink too much coffee or Club Mate if the ArcticStartup office is any indication. Sami Inkinen aside, most of us are thinking about the next checkbox on the to-do list rather than anything practical about our body.

    There’s a lot to learn about how to most efficiently maintain energy levels, what gear helps you learn about your body, or how to design your lifestyle to best suite your needs. Welcome to the growing field of biohacking that you can plug into this Wednesday in Helsinki, at the Biohacker Summit.

    Up on stage will be an interesting variety of speakers from around the globe, like the inventor of the NFC chip implant, nutritionists, and experts on plugging in your workflow to virtual assistants. You you know you’re definitely going to learn something new, and at the very least, you know the food and coffee (shoutout to Warrior Coffee) is going to be tasty and powerful.

    Tickets start at €199, but we’ve got you covered with a 25% off discount code – just type in ARCTICSTARTUP into the right spot at checkout. And for those of you with some free time tomorrow, sign up for the Premium Ticket which includes the Upgraded Dinner, a hands on cooking course with wild food chef Sami Tallberg.

    Invitation to Biohacker Summit 2014 @ Helsinki, Finland from Teemu Arina on Vimeo.