Ditto has just announced that it has been acquired by Groupon. While being registered into the US, Ditto has been founded by Jyri Engeström the co-founder of Jaiku. Jaiku was a Finnish company that was sold to Google in 2007. There is no announcement on the price of the acquisition, but by all factors it looks like an acquihire. In other words, Groupon is acquiring the team behind Ditto. Nevertheless, an exit is always an exit.

According to the blog post, Ditto will be pulling the plug on their applications on April 30th. The Ditto mobile application was available to users on the Nokia and Apple platforms. The service allowed people to tell before hand what they were going to do, as to allow for more spontaneous meet-ups. In addition to this, you were able to leave out the specific place you were going to, which allowed for crowdsourcing of ideas from your friends.

The Ditto team will be working on different community level features that allow local communities to thrive.

Our friend runs a tea shop by our office in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. There’s a bookshop, a coffee kiosk, a yoga studio and an arts and crafts shop. The people who go there get to know each other. There’s a community.

We’re joining Groupon to help communities like Hayes Valley thrive everywhere.

When we talked to our friends at Groupon, we were impressed. They are about creating that world, too. So we’re going to do it together.

The startup raised some $775 000 dollars in financing in September 2010 and launched the application on March 3rd the following year.

Ditto was also a portfolio company to Lifeline Ventures, a Finnish Vigo accelerator. This became Lifeline Venture’s first exit.

Acquihire or an acquisition, Ditto’s team is surely a good addition for Groupon. Engeström is world renown for talking about social objects and making the whole concept world famous. In addition to Engeström, Ulf Schwekendiek was also a co-founder. Schwekendiek is a talented iOS developer who had worked at Siri Inc and later at Apple.

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