GreyCrunch Monitors Health For Tech-Savvy Old Folks

When thinking about old people using their smartphone to track their medications and biometric data, my mind immediately leaped to the time my 90 year old Grandpa tested out an iPhone and unlocked it with his arm moving in an exaggerated half-meter arc. But times are changing. The next generation of old folks are just as natural on their smartphones and Facebooks as most 20 year olds these days. And as everything else moves digitally, Finland’s GreyCrunch seeks to release a cross-platform, all-in-one package to keep track of blood pressure, pills, and activity monitoring.

The service says its soon to be released for smartphones and an online service.  It also plans to interact with electronic wellbeing devices, such as the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ biometric devices,  heart rate belts, blood pressure sensors and smart scales. It plans to gather this sort of information and present it in standard data forms accessible to regional medical databases, electronic prescription services, and the future Finnish personal health and wellness platform Taltioni. GreyCrunch services target to be compatible with Continua.

Part GreyCrunch also seems to be selling children of baby-boomers some peace of mind. They hint at an optional feature of location tracking, and their “about us” GreyCrunch writes, “Today’s 60-year-olds are active and are used to using mobile phones and the Internet. As professionals in mobile business, we began to develop ideas about a mobile application that would make it easy to check that everything is fine with our loved ones and to send feedback or advice.”

GreyCrunch was founded by two ex-Nokia employees, Harri Honko and Pasi Ojala, and lists 6 total employees on its website. A service like this is going to gain huge traction by the time I’m 90, so Greycrunch may be one to watch.