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500% increase in monthly sales and 300% more subscribers – this is how a Finnish food technology startup managed to create a new service for busy millennial parents

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With a focus on technology and food innovation, Green Planet Astronauts has built something that big food and beverage giants are only dreaming of. In a short time, the company has developed a growth engine from its monthly subscription DTC service, which also expanded to Sweden last year. Next, the company is taking over more new markets.

Green Planet Astronauts is a Finnish innovation-driven startup that raised one million euros from well-known investors in the last funding round in early 2022. The company put the money to work and built a unique monthly subscription service for busy millennial parents. The idea of the service is simple: the consumer can build a personalized box of the company’s plant-based products delivered to their doorstep. It’s the easiest way to get kids used to the taste of plant-based already young.

“The idea for the monthly subscription service was originally born out of my own need. It felt like I was alreays out of easy and healthy food for my own kids. It was clear from the beginning that we wanted to start developing something much more than just an online store for food. We included elements from big consumer trends, such as personalization,” company founder Milla Westerling explains.

During the last year, the company managed to increase the sales of the monthly subscription service by 500% and the number of subscribers by 300% landing on 1 million annual revenue. It requires systematic work in the background – the company says that in 2022, it has done more than 150 advertising tests, more than 50 email tests and 10 site tests. The number is huge considering that the company employed only a team of 5 full-time people last year.

“It’s amazing to see what the team is capable of. The level of commitment and talent is the best in the Nordic’s. I am extremely proud of our people who want to make an impact and raise a planet-friendly generation,” Westerling celebrates.

Next, the company is bringing plenty of new features to the platform, launching new products and expanding to new markets. The company’s vision is to become the world’s leading planet-friendly kids food brand. Retail will always play a big role in the company’s strategy. The DTC platform’s role is to support and increase coverage to better serve today’s hybrid consumer.

Green Planet Astronauts is creating a solution to the climate crisis by transforming how kids are fed. It’s the Nordics’ fastest-growing food tech company in the kids food space with a mission to raise a planet-friendly generation. The plant-based products are sold in 700+ stores and through DTC subscription. Driven by product innovation and technology, the business has expanded to new markets and is on a 1M+ run rate within less than 3 years.

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